Chrysalis has an accelerated curriculum.  This typically gives students at least a one year head start before entering public schools.  In fact most students learn to read within the first six months of learning at Chrysalis.  Keeping children's minds constantly occupied through fun drills and engaging repetition is key to the Chrysalis learning process.  To ensure that each child receives individual attention each class is limited to a six student maximum.

Social Relating:
Social Relating

The importance of play with other children under the guidance of the teacher, cannot be underestimated in a child's development.  Sharing, etiquette, and communication are as important as the motor skills, creativity and cooperation learned.

Reading Skills:
Character recognition, writing, phonics and blending sounds together, are taught in fun and retentive ways.

Number recognition, writing, counting, addition and subtraction are taught through hands on learning games and visual aids.

Math and Computers
Children learn interesting scientific facts about the world around them.  Each month we learn about a new subject.

Art Time
Children sharpen their art skills and learn to explore their creativity.  Each day children draw and paint a a picture of what we learned about for science that day.

Children learn the fun of group participation in music and it's usefulness as a tool for memorization.

Chrysalis Books
Children Love to Read!

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